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"The voice is confident, natural, smooth in the music flow" 


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Arielle Berthoud



Julie Rouge


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TOUR 2017

  • 22/02 Sunset, Paris

  • 23/02 Le Caillou, Bordeaux

  • 24/02 Le Castel, Châteaubernard

  • 25/02 Club House, Bordeaux

  • 29/05 La source , Désaignes

  • 09/06 Le Jam, Marseille

  • 21/06 Pasino, Aix en Provence

  • 22/06 Corniche Zia Concetta, Marseille

  • 24/06 L’Arthemuse, Marseille

  • 14/07 Le Jam, Marseille

  • 11/08 Port de Beaulieu

  • 16/09 Palais de la Méditerranée, Nice

  • 30/09 Aquabella, Aix-en-Provence

  • 05/10 Jazz club de Grenoble

  • 25/11 Jazz sur la ville, Marseille

  • 28/11 Aquabella, Aix-en-Provence

  • 01/12 Grand théâtre de Port st Louis

  • 31/12 Majestic, Cannes

TOU 2018

• 20/10 Aix en Provence, L’instant

• 28/09 Moulin de Gémenos

• 08/09 Aix en Provence, L’instant

• 07/09 Laragne France 

• 28/07 Trets, Cours du Château 

• 06/07 Carnon 

• 21/06 Miramas, MP2018 

• 02/06 Vence, Nuits du Sud 

• 19/05 Tarascon, MP2018

• 06/04 St Mitre les remparts, La manare  

• 03/03 Aix en Provence, L’instant

• 08/02 Marseille, Le Jam 

• 28/01 Bangkok, Thaïlande  

• 27/01 Bangkok Thaïlande 

• 26/01 Bangkok Thaïlande 

• 25/01 Bangkok Thaïlande

TOUR 2016

•01 Marseille, Le Cri Du Port

•04/02 Paris, Sunside

•23/02 Salon De Provence, Imfp

•17/03. Shenzhen B10

•19/03 Hangzhou Jz Club

•21/03 Shanghai Jz Club

•22/03 Shanghai Jz Club

•23/03 Guangzhou Jz Club

•24/03 Guangzhou Jz Club

•26/03 Hong Kong Orange P

•27/03 Wenzhou Festival

•29/03 Bangkok Soul Bar

•06/05 Marseille, Le Duke-Trio

•08/05 Aix, Fontaine D'argent-Duo

•19/05 Marseille, Upercut

•21/05 Aix-En-Provence, Méjanes

•02/06 Montpellier, Jam

•11/06 Banon, L'eglise Haute

•02/07 Tremplin Nice Jazz Festival

•04/08 Jazz A Vialas

•05/08 Viavino, Saint-Christol

•09/09 Duc Des Lombards, Paris

•15/09 Magic Mirrors, Istres

•31/12 Pasino, Aix-En-Pce

ANNA FARROW | Days & Moods



With this first album of compositions co-written with Ben Rando, Anna Farrow reveals her voice in moving melodies, voluptuous grooves and direct and nurtured lyrics.

With real sensitivity, the throbbing pulse of jazz and blues blend with accents of soul and folk music, borne along by the harmony custom-made for Anna's voice.

Listeners thus find themselves immersed in a graceful rumba (Travelling Melody), real groove ! (Happy Fool), swaying jazz (Words), soaring blues (A Little Help)...


"With a blend of spicy jazz and a hint of neo soul under the skin, Anna Farrow captures music as an actress catches light: with a natural momentum of supple virtuosity, blended with a sip of electric sensual swing."

Christian Larrède


"The voice is confident, natural in It’s emission, smooth in it’s musical relation" Le Monde


"A boldness fairly calibrated that permits her to unfold a melodious jazz, leaning at times to folk and to soul" Les Inrocks


"Any kind of resistance is useless"  Citizen Jazz



"A disc in which blows freedom's wind" Soul Bag


"The emergence of a great artist, a beautiful discovery" Nouvelle Vague


"A vocal transparency recalling the extrem simplicity of Joni Mitchell's folks songs"


Disque du jour TSF
Coup de coeur FIP


"Must TSF Jazz"



"Anna Farrow bewitched the audience..."

Nice Matin



"Heart stroke FIP"


« In her ambitious new venture with a pristine repertoire the Franco-Brittanic Anna Farrow cares little for convention. Her natural approach to this heart felt music allows her to choose not to choose : blending exotic perfumes with swaying rhythms, instinctive jazz/folk, neo nude. Anna is smoothly accompanied by the perfectly syncronized trio. The young lady lavishes in vibrant light for her moving after hours show.»

Christian Larrède